Assessment of Rural Water Supply Management in Selected Rural Areas of Oyo State, Nigeria

"Human welfare and economic development generally depend on the use of water. In Nigeria, water resources management and utilization is crucial to the country’s efforts to reduce poverty, grow the economy, ensure food security and maintain the ecological systems. After almost sixty years of water supply development in Nigeria, it is unfortunate that as many as 43% of the population still lack access to safe water. The situation in the rural areas is particularly bad compared to the urban areas. In recognition of the poor state of water management in the country and its implication for socioeconomic development and environmental sustainability, the present democratically elected government has prepared a new national policy on water resources development. One of the objectives of the policy is to provide good potable water for the rural population at an affordable price. To achieve this objective, there is need to better understand the constraints and challenges of rural water supply. Apart from addressing the issues of participatory governance, cost recovery and appropriate technology, there is also a need to take into consideration the values, attitude, preferences and capacities of the different stakeholders in the supply and management of water in rural areas. The new integrated approach to sustainable water supply requires greater knowledge and understanding of the technological, social, economic and ecological dimensions of water resource management and how they are inter-related. Developing the capacity to engage in integrated sustainable development planning from the community level to the highest national decision-making level, remain a major challenge in Nigeria and many other African countries. It is in the light of this that this study assesses the extent to which stakeholders are willing and able to adopt and implement sustainable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly management options for water resources in selected rural areas of Oyo State, Nigeria."