Assessing the Management and Administration in Public Health Facilities of Uganda and the Implications for the Healthcare Service Delivery and Utilization Evidence from the CODES Project

The critical determinants of quality of healthcare provision is assessed in this paper – as well as the health facility level management and administration. The paper is premised on the argument that the existing weaknesses in health facility management and administration immensely jeopardize the quality of health care service delivery in public health facilities as well as effective utilization of healthcare by the community. This is to the extent that even when the issues and challenges that require government intervention seem to be improving or being addressed at health facilities, with outstanding weaknesses in facility management and administration, the quality of care does not correspondingly improve. The paper focuses on four (4) health facility management and administration issues; (1) Time management among health workers (2) Human resource management and development practices (3) The role of Health Unit Management Committees (HUMCs), and (4) Enforcement of health workers’ professional ethics and code of conduct.