"The first theses in this anthology was written by Abraha Tesfay, who discusses the dynamics of inter-communal conflict in North-East Ethiopia by using the cases of the Wejerat in Tigray and neighboring Afar. The second paper was written by Alagan Ababu and examines the culture peace across the aspects of democracy, non-violent political struggle and inter-ethnic and inter-religious tolerance and solidarity in Ethiopia. The findings of the third paper by Haileyesus Muluken reveals the existence of various causes and actors in the conflict between Orthodox Christians and Muslims in Gondar Town. The fourth paper by Muluwork G Gessesse identifies multiple causes of terrorism for instance the collapse of the Somali State, poverty, ideological differences and religion as an organizing principle for terrorist activities. The main objective of the fifth paper by Y Ayele was to explore transformative peace building in ethnic conflict management in the light of the recent experiences of the Derashe and Konso ethnic groups in Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region."