Annual Regional Conference of Judges on Environmental Security in Eastern Africa: Summary of presentations

"The environmental deterioration through human activity was proceeding at an unprecedented rate, and unless this process was held in check the damage caused would be grave and irreversible, hurting not only the present generation but future generations as well, and not only the country in which it occurred but the region and the world in general. Therefore, all public institutions, the judiciary included, need to pool their resources against this universal peril. Judges, who carry individual and collective responsibility, stand at the forefront of this struggle, and as participants in this judicial conference must be lauded and credited for contributing to the maintenance and protection of the environment and human security. Judges must also remember that their actions or omissions, judgements and decisions will have an impact on the peace, security, environment, development and good governance of the people within this region. Whatever deliberations and resolutions they make today should ensure that history is able to judge them favourably."