Analysis and Comparison of the Agricultural Development Programme and University Agricultural Technology Transfer Systems in Nigeria

Nigerian agricultural technology transfer policy since political independence emphasized transfer of technical information to farmers using various agro-technology transfer systems.This study comparatively analysed technology generation, transfer and utilization sub-systems of the ADP and university in Nigeria. This report examined the concept of agro-technology transfer and presents success indices. Features of each of the agro-technology sub-systems (generation, transfer and utilization) are discussed. The agro-technology generation sub-system, ecological distributions of agro-research institutes and universities are presented. The agro-technology transfer sub-system, the historical involvement and organizational structure of different universities, and the Agricultural Development Programme (ADP) are examined. Similarly, the characteristics of the agro-technology utilization sub-system are presented. Two theoretical approaches commonly used in the analysis of agricultural technology transfer systems were examined and eight basic issues for comparative analysis of agro-technology transfer systems were identified using the systems approach. This is followed by the comparison of the agro-technology generation practices of the ADP and university agro-technology transfer systems based on: the organization of staff, and farmer characteristics; use of agricultural technology packages; and contact methods.