"The year marked the climax of the second cycle of the Institute’s flagship – the business environment research, dissemination and policy dialogue programme (otherwise called the BECANS) as evidenced by the launching of the research publications on the 23rd of September 2010. The significance of this achievement lies in the fact that this is the first replication and update of the BECANS research, since the first cycle results were launched in 2007. Besides the BECANS, research is ongoing in other thematic economic policy areas. During the year, the Institute intensified implementation of macroeconomic modelling and forecasting study and launched two separate studies within the agricultural growth and poverty reduction thematic area. In order to improve research quality and enhance research influence on public policy, the Institute has developed and adopted a ‘Research Policy and Guidelines’ which spells out the key criteria and procedures for conducting and disseminating policy research. Some key elements of the policy include independent scientific reviews of research outputs, active engagement and interaction with policymakers and end-users throughout the research process, communication of the research by using a variety of relevant, suitable and effective tools and methods. The year also witnessed the initial 12 months of the implementation of the IDRC institutional support programme. The IDRC institutional support covers three functional areas: research & research quality, organizational development and communication & policy linkages. We are using the funding support in enhancing our institutional capabilities for the effective conduct and communication of good-quality research that inform and influence public policy."