Agricultural Productivity, Climate Change and Smallholder Farmer’s Entrepreneurship:A Case Study of the Central and Western Regions of Liberia

"The principal objective of the study is to assess the extent to which agricultural productivity and climate change impact affect smallholder farmers’ entrepreneurship in Western and Central Regions of Liberia. The specific objectives are: to determine the impact of agricultural inputs on production of major food crops:rice, cassava and vegetables (pepper, egg plants and bitter balls); to investigate the level of climate change impact on agricultural productivity for major food crops (rice, cassava, and vegetables); to determine agricultural produce, income and business activities of smallholder farmers (during and after harvest); to determine as to whether other competing sectors such as mining, informal business activities, rural–urban migration are hindering the growth of and affecting the progress of the farming population; and to analyze access to credit and the availability of modern post-harvest technology. In order to achieve the research objectives, the researcher worked with Government Ministries (Agriculture, Planning and Economic Affairs;Gender and Development; Commence and Industry; and Internal Affairs) and private sector partners (local and international NGO) that are involved with the agriculture sector."