Agri Food System Governance and Service Delivery in Uganda A Case Study of Tororo District

"This is a case study of agri-food system governance and service delivery in Uganda. The paper is part of a broader regional collaborative project aimed at making agri-food systems work for the rural poor in Eastern and Southern Africa. The study was conducted in Kisoko, Mella and Osukuru sub-counties of Tororo district. Using Tororo district as a case study, this paper examines some governance aspects of Uganda’s local agri-food systems. It analyses Tororo district’s major agri-food system institutional mechanisms, resource allocation to the agri-food sector and the sector’s budget decision-making processes. The study also highlights some issues concerning the delivery of agri-food services in the district. Data was collected through key informant interviews, focus group discussions and review of relevant literature. The literature reviewed included: the District Development Plan, budget framework papers, Council minutes, the Local Government Act, the National Environment Act and other key policy documents."