Agago District, formerly part of Pader was created by an Act of Parliament and operationalized in July 2010. Now in its 10th year of existence, Agago consists of two counties of Agago County and Agago North County and has 16 lower local governments including; 3 town councils and 13 sub counties. The district together with 7 others form the greater Acholi sub region. It is located in the north eastern part of the country and is bordered by Pader, Otuke, Abim, Kitgum and newly created Karenga District. The district is predominantly a rural district with 80 per cent of the population engaged in subsistence agriculture as a major source of livelihood. This brief was developed from the scorecard report titled, “The Local Government Councils Scorecard FY 2018/19. The Next Big Steps: Consolidating Gains of Decentralisation and Repositioning the Local Government Sector in Uganda.” The brief provides key highlights of the performance of elected leaders and Council of Agago District Local Government during FY 2018/19.