African Solutions to African problems: a Viable Solution towards a United, Prosperous and Peaceful Africa?

It is important to realize that African solutions include the planning of content, ideas, practical action and financial dimensions. The content and ideas should emerge from Africans, particularly African scholars because of the need for research that will offer solutions for local realities. Africa is one continent but realities in the east may differ from those in the west, which is why research grounded in local realities would be more beneficial to conflict management on the continent. African scholars need to be at the forefront of the ‘African solutions to African problems’ maxim, because its implementation would require an understanding of the root causes of these problems in order to formulate suitable or sustainable solutions to them, as well as the capacity to implement them in a practical manner. In order for the successful implementation of African solutions to African problems, there would first need to be a clear understanding of what these are, how they came about and how they can be turned into action.