The African Leadership Forum 2014: "Meeting the Challenges of Africa's Transformation"

A new Africa has emerged. An African renaissance is underway, whereby a growing number of determined and self-confident Africans are working to transform their countries’ economies to accelerate the rate of human and economic development. Given the continent’s stage of development, Africa has the opportunity to become the catalyst and driving force for sustainable development globally. To achieve this, Africa will need to tap into its past successes whilst planning and pursuing a logical, inclusive, collective and sustainable path to national, regional and continental progress. The theme of the Forum was “Meeting the Challenges of Africa’s Transformation”. The ALF provided a platform to reflect on Africa’s journey thus far, take stock of challenges and opportunities, and envision the future. Through constructive dialogue, delegates to the conference were tasked to explore ways to exploit existing opportunities, forge stronger and more meaningful partnerships within the continent and identify ways to support African leaders to overcome the pressing and strategic challenges facing their countries.