"This special edition provides a unique medium to outline some of the gender concerns and priorities that have emerged in recent transitional justice initiatives in Africa. The opening article provides a brief overview of significant developments in the field of gender and transitional justice. Pamela Scully’s article provides a feminist analysis of transitional justice processes and questions perceptions that it is possible to secure women’s rights through the law. Ayumi Kusafuka adopts a slightly different approach to previous critiques of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) by taking a gender lens to each stage of its process. Lotta Teale analyses the impact of transitional justice mechanisms set up to address gender-based violence in the Sierra Leone conflict. The Views from the Field section is led by South African gender activist Sheila Meintjes who reflects on her own experiences as part of civil society during the South African TRC process Anu Pillay, former advisor to the Liberian TRC in 2009, argues that despite a broad commitment to address gender by Liberia’s recent truth commission, commissioners did little to reach beyond a women and children’s affairs’ portfolio and failed to recognise gender equality as its overarching goal. Mary Ndlovu provides insight into some of the transitional justice concerns currently being discussed in Zimbabwe. In the final article, Harriet Nabukeera-Musoke, details the mobilisation of women in Uganda during the 2006 peace process."