This issue has five articles. 'Resolving African crises: Leadership role for African States and the African Union in Darfur' examines the intersections between politics and economic development issues in the violence-ravaged Darfur region of Sudan. 'The end of humanitarian intervention: Evaluation of the African Union’s right of intervention' talks about the right to intervene under the AU Act which is a radical departure from, and in stark contrast with, the principle of state sovereignty and non-intervention, the very cornerstones of the erstwhile OAU.'Strategic culture of the Southern African Development Community: Militarised pathways to security?' looks into whether certain events are indicative of a militarised SADC strategic culture as opposed to the declared pacifist preferences to resolve conflicts. 'The spirit of the National Peace Accord: The past and future of conflict resolution in South Africa' examine the evolution of the conflict resolution community in South Africa through a combination of history and policy analysis. 'Assessing South Africa’s strategic options of soft power application through civic interest groups' illustrates how globalisation has changed the world of international diplomacy, requiring non-state actors to become more active in transforming the economic and political playing field. It then reviews one book.