"In the first article, Ibaba Ibaba discusses the protracted conflict in the Niger Delta, where immense profits from oil production and sale are channelled to oil companies and politicians, but away from the frustrated indigenous population as they have to battle with a degrading environment and dire underdevelopment. The second article, is about a different kind of environmental threat. Lake Chad in the Sahara desert is shrinking at an alarming rate, and this is mainly due to the rapid growth of the human and livestock population around the lake and in the catchment areas. It is the human factor that seems to be the most serious problem, caused by an apparently irreversible process. In the third article, the focus is on a serious political threat to peace and the social injustice it inevitably brings about. The last one, turns our attention to one of the ways of dealing with conflict. This paper explores the question of satisfactorily integrating Islamic arbitration principles into the Nigerian legal system in which customary arbitration has already been recognised."