This issue contains four articles. 'The Nexus between Social Capital and Reintegration of Ex-combatants: A Case for Sierra Leone' argues that in order to achieve successful reintegration of ex-combatants, a community-focused approach that generates social capital must be implemented. 'The Impact of Value-Orientations on Cross-cultural Encounters and Mediation: A Survey in Tanzania’s Educational System' focuses on the impact of value-orientations on cross-cultural encounters and mediation in the Tanzanian educational system. 'From Complementarity to Conflict: A Historical Analysis of Farmer-Fulbe Relations in West Africa' provides a socio-historical analysis of conflict between Fulbe pastoralists and farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. 'Rectifying Horizontal Inequalities: Lessons from African Conflict' provides practical solutions for long-term resolution of conflict by addressing one of its root causes, that of horizontal inequalities.