'African Approaches to Building Peace and Social Solidarity' examines African indigenous approaches to building peace and promoting social solidarity. 'Can a Fledgling Democracy take Flight in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?' offers a brief review of repression and conflict in the DRC over the last century, before analysing the transition process and the country's prospects for consolidating a democracy in the future. 'The Ethiopia-Eritrea Border Conflict and the Role of the International Community' looks at how, after five years of signing a peace agreement, the peace process between Eritrea and Ethiopia is deadlocked. The war of words is fast turning into words about war. 'Oil, Arms Proliferation and Conflict in the Niger Delta of Nigeria' explores the origin of the present oil violence in the Niger Delta and how it has been intensified through the use of weapons that are primarily smuggled from Guinea-Bissau, Gabon and Cameroon. 'Operation Murambatsvina: The Dynamics and Escalation of Zimbabwean Intra-state Conflict' shows the dynamics of Zimbabwean political conflict using Operation Murambatsvina as a case study. Two books are then reviewed.