This journal consists of four articles. 'Third-Party Intervention in the Mbindia Enthronement Conflict: Containment or Transformation?' analyses the intervention of a third party conflict around the appointing of a local chief. 'Women and Peace-building in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: An assessment of their role in the Inter-Congolese Dialogue' assesses the Inter-congolese Dialogue (ICD) process, especially concerning women's contributions to peace-building. 'Nationalist-Military Alliance and the Fate of Democracy in Zimbabwe' examines the nationalist government of Zimbabwe and the armed forces. 'An Analysis of the Problems of the Labour Dispute Resolution System in South Africa' focuses on findings and recommendations of a study that was done to explore the perceptions of Commissioners of the Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) regarding the capacity of parties to effectively deal with labour conflict and disputes within the legal framework provided by the Labour Relations Act (LRA). Two books are then reviewed.