'Dynamics of the Zimbabwe crisis in the 21st century' presents the Zimbabwe crisis as a consequence of the blocked democratic transition at the turn of the century and how the Zimbabwe crisis has crucial lessons for Southern Africa. 'Regional organisations and international mediation: the effectiveness of insider mediators' studies the advantages and disadvantages of mediation efforts by regional organisations and compare these with initiatives taken by the UN. 'The conflict dimension of environmental degradation and the case of Lesotho' highlights the consequences of conflicts on environment and its management. Environmental conflicts fall under public disputes, which have been observed to be a result of human needs. 'The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: a distorting mirror; casting doubt on its actor - oriented approach in addressing the Rwandan genocide' looks at how the traditional approach to criminal justice faces the challenge of balancing multiple goals usually expressed as deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and retribution which focus on crime control. Three books are also reviewed.