This journal gincludes two book reviews and five articles. 'Engendering Peace in Africa: a critical inquiry into some current thinking on the role of African women in peace-building' investigates popular concepts of womanhood and of women's peace-building capacities with particular attention to gender in post-war politics, economy and social reconstruction. 'On ethnicity and ethnic conflict management in Nigeria' aims to provide a broad overview of the theoretical notions of ethnic conflict. 'Brothers at War? Reflections on an internecine conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea'looks at the emerging clarion calls for African solutions to African conflicts, with foreign intervention only playing a complementary role. 'Peace building and transformation from below: indigenous approaches to conflict resolution and reconciliation among the pastoral societies in the borderlands of Eastern Africa' takes theoretical considerations and the historical background into account and focuses on indigenous approaches that may promote a more peaceful coexistance amongst the borderlands of Eastern Africa. 'Risk assessment: Democratic Republic of Congo Post-Laurent Kabila' reveals a domestic and an international risk assessment done using internal and external conflicts plus renewed peace initiatives after the death of former President Laurent Kabila as a frame of reference.