This edition has eight articles. 'Environmental conflicts: Key issues and management implications' discusses people and the environment, environmental conflicts, climate change and environmental conflicts and management implications. 'Approaches to and tools for managing environmental conflicts in coastal zones in Africa: Challenges and prospects in relation to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)' examines the challenges and prospects for approaches and tools to manage environmental conflicts in Africa's coastal zones. 'Land-related conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa' shows that there are various types of land conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa and discusses key aspects that need to be considered when managing land conflicts. 'Wildlife-community conflicts in conservation areas in Kenya' reviews literature that seeks to address the important issue of wildlife-human conflicts and also explores the aspects of pastoralism and conservation in Kenya. 'Gender and climate change-induced conflict in pastoral communities: Case study of Turkana in north-western Kenya' looks at how climate change induced conflict is a major global threat to human security and the environment. 'Environmental causes and impacts of the genocide in Rwanda: Case studies of the towns of Butare and Cyangugu' uses a geographical perspective, more specifically the geography of conflict, to asses the environmental causes and impacts of genocide in Rwanda, more than a decade after the genocide. 'Environmental conflicts and women’s vulnerability in Africa' examines environmental conflicts and women's vulnerability in Africa. Environmental resources are critical to poor women's productive and reproductive lives in Africa. 'Environmental conflicts in the South Durban Basin: Integrating residents’ perceptions and concerns resulting from air pollution' explores residents' perceptions of environmental impacts and highlights the key issues which contribute to community conflicts - including those conflicts related to government, employment, race and community health.