This journal has four articles. 'The sociology of insecurity: cattle rustling and banditry in North-Western Kenya' focuses on analysing new forms of banditry and cattle rustling in north-western Kenya. These phenomena involve both inter and intra-ethnic as well as cross border raids for livestock. 'Conflict resolution in a turbulent region: the case of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) in Sudan' looks at IGAD's patient and apparently quite effective role in managing and resolving conflict related to drought and desertifaction. 'Ethnic minority problems in the Niger Delta' focuses on types of minorities, typical sources of minority conflict, historical overview, minority grievances and demands, and the responses of different Nigerian governments are discussed. 'The role of track two diplomacy in the Democratic Republic of Congo conflict' looks at how track two diplomacy contributed to the official peace process by providing the unarmed actors with an opportunity to voice their position on the conflict in DRC. Three books are then reviewed.