African Counter-Terrorism Legal Frameworks a Decade After 2001

"This monograph seeks to explain why rates of ratification, although higher immediately after 2001, are generally low in Africa, and are subject to such regional variation. On the basis that ratification of instruments may be an important component of African responses to terrorism, one purpose of the monograph is to present some suggestions for more effectively securing ratification of the various instruments (and hopefully their implementation in national law). However, the monograph has a twin purpose: to put the issue of ratification in perspective, not so as to diminish its significance or the importance of legal frameworks in counter-terrorism, but to act as a reminder that the objective of the global strategy on terrorism is not to secure ratification of instruments, but to achieve a global web of states capable of lawfully and fairly responding to the threat of terrorist actions.Thus the aim remains internationally acceptable legal frameworks to enable country level prevention and response through the criminal justice system, and to regularise international cooperation. Ratification may or may not be a useful or necessary element of a country’s journey to that destination."