Africa Multi-stakeholder Consultation towards First High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership of Effective Development Cooperation

Arising from the previous consultations and underscored at this regional meeting is the overriding key message from stakeholders on the imperative of a stronger focus on Domestic Resource Mobilization (DRM), private sector governance and value addition capacities, among other issues, as part of Africa’s development cooperation agenda. Additionally, the series of region-specific consultations provided a unique opportunity for African stakeholders to engage on the Continent’s development cooperation priorities with the framework of development effectiveness for Mexico, as well as, re-affirm the need for the GP to be responsive to African priorities for added value. Further, the engagement focused on the five (5) development thematic areas identified for the ministerial meeting. Among these themes are those of topmost priority to Africa, namely, DRM and domestic private sector. Overall, the 5 thematic areas considered were, 1) implementation of Busan commitments; 2) Domestic Resources, Mobilization; 3) Private Sector Development; 4) Knowledge Sharing, South -South and Triangular Cooperation; 5) Middle Income Countries.