Africa : From “Cradle of Mankind” to “Spare Parts” of Mankind?

Some solutions to the problem of organ trading is: the narrowing gap of the inequalities, developing legislation on organ transplant, implementations of international conventions, controlling forced migrations, awareness creations, punishing traffickers, and ethical utilization of transplant technology. Africa is the home of many of the poorest and most vulnerable peoples of the world. Considering the above problems it is possible to say that this crime will sooner or later be a greater challenge for Africa than any other continent. African countries should learn from the challenge of some Asian countries in being a destination of “transplant tourism”. The African Union should also have a declaration against organ trade and organ transplant tourism. Throughout history, Africa was a victim of slave trade and colonial suppression, but now Africa should not be a destination of transplant tourism. For Africa it is good to ratehr remain the “Cradle of Mankind” than to be “Spare Parts of Mankind”.