Generally, South Africa has sought to promote multilateralism in the international system as the best means of maintaining global order, addressing global problems, mitigating the domination and unilateralism of powerful states, and empowering weaker countries. It has thus been argued that South Africa’s participation at the United Nations is driven by its intention to reform the organisation as well as showcase itself as a representative of the developing world and especially Africa, in an attempt to increase its global stature as a moral and African power. The three public dialogues convened by CCR and the FHR speak to a large extent to the successes, challenges, and solutions pertaining to the core principles that guide South Africa’s foreign policy. This policy brief connects and covers a number of conceptual, policy, and practical issues that relate to South Africa’s position on the responsibility to protect, taking into account the debates on the country’s compliance with ICC obligations and implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325.