This report provides a detailed account of regional civil society perspectives on barriers to sustainable development and recommendations for overcoming them. Through quotations and summaries of the discussions and written submissions, it focuses on alternative proposals to those presented in the four reports under review. UNNGLS has synthesized the findings according to four main objectives for the post-2015 development agenda, which surfaced through clear convergence of priorities identified by regional civil society networks: Rebalance power relations for justice, Fulfill human rights and overcome exclusion, Ensure equitable distribution and safe use of natural resources, Establish participatory governance, accountability and transparency. Each of these sections serves as a stand-alone synthesis of a region’s contributions. There are many similarities in the content across them. This overlap demonstrates significant convergence of critical priorities identified by civil society in all regions, and therefore presents a powerful demand for attention and action during design and implementation of the post-2015 development agenda. UN-NGLS emphasizes that although convergences have been identified through this exercise, a comprehensive reading of the full report reveals many unique insights and important proposals. UN-NGLS also conducted extensive research to provide links to valuable supplementary reading on subjects that are raised.