Addressing the Use of Private Security and Military Companies at the International Level

"The aim of this paper is firstly, to contribute to the scholarly debate regarding the use of PMSCs in conflict and post - conflict situations. Secondly, to comment on the current Draft International Convention on the Regulation, Oversight and Monitoring of Military and Security Companies (Draft Convention). The paper is therefore divided into two parts. In the first part, the paper will define the term ‘PMSCs’ in order to place the discussion in proper context. This will be followed by an examination of some of the most important PMSCs in African conflicts; the use of PMSCs in combat zones and in the context of Africa Command (Africom) and the implications thereof; the generally unregulated recruitment of Africans by PMSCs; and some African approaches to the use of PMSCs in conflict situations. In the second part, the paper will provide a general overview of the Draft Convention, its purpose, scope of application and the international oversight and monitoring it envisages."