Addressing Small Arms and Light Weapon Issues in the Sahel Region: Utilizing Local Capacities

This policy brief highlights the detrimental effects of the proliferation and smuggling of Small Arms and Light Weapons in the Sahel Region, where it is difficult for the governments alone to bring it under full control. It focuses particularly on the potential of civil society to complement the role of the government in addressing these issues. This policy brief seeks to draw attention to the critical role of civil society in addressing SALW issues in the Sahel region. It discusses the significance of the government as a frontline actor in SALW control while arguing for a deeper role for civil society, especially in the spheres that the government cannot fully cover. Thus the two actors can complement each other by cooperating properly. The brief argues that more attention should be paid to local and grassroots levels with more direct interaction with potential actors concerning the circulation and use of SALW in order to decrease the number of victims of armed violence.