Accountability, Contract Officers and the Integrity of the 2012 Election Outcome in Ghana

This paper presents a critical analysis of the 2012 election petition as an expression of dissatisfaction with the EC’s performance. The focus is on the role of temporary electoral officers in eroding public confidence in electoral processes, and draws attention to some implications of Ghana’s Supreme Court judgment on electoral administration in future. The author reason that at least in the case of Ghana, the success of an electoral process relies largely on the human factor, not necessarily on the legal frameworks and regulations in force. Subsequently, since elections are either won or lost at the polling station, the actions or inaction of such temporary officers pose a danger to the credibility of electoral outcomes and the EC. A thematic content analysis of the petitioners’ affidavit to the court, is presented in the paper and the court’s judgment and legal opinions proffered through media outlets. In addition, the literature is reviewed to provide theoretical and analytical frameworks for the paper.