"Peacebuilding in Africa, as is the case globally, is constantly evolving. Practitioners in this field are regularly faced with challenging dynamics that shape the approaches needed to enhance peacebuilding. Over the past two decades, the environments and situations traditionally known to host conflict have evolved. Through studies, practitioners have found that opposing actors and their interests have greatly influenced conflict trajectories. These developments have further impacted the strategies generally used to maintain and enhance sustainable peace. These are but a few of the challenges peacebuilding practitioners, actors and entities face in the course of their interventions. Due to the unstable nature of conflict, peacebuilding has had to progress to adapt to today’s conflict dynamics. Due to the constant need to keep up with existing and evolving challenges, constant re-examination of the approaches and normative frameworks that target peacebuilding interventions is needed. Peacebuilding is crucial for social transformation; it is needed by those who choose. This handbook is the cumulation of an organisational learning process that ACCORD has undergone since inception. Our aim is to strengthen capacities for sustainable peacebuilding in Africa and beyond."