A Survey of Crime Victims in Sierra Leone May to June 2008

"The crime victimisation survey conducted in Sierra Leone was part of a broader review of the empirical evidence on the state of crime and criminal justice and its impact on the political processes in four other African countries – Zambia, Tanzania, Benin and Mali – that have signed up for the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). The main objective of the survey in Sierra Leone was to generate information on the prevalence of crime in this post-conflict country, as well as to make an assessment of the criminal justice system, which is still under reconstruction. The AHSI partnered with WANEP to carry out this nationwide survey. This report presents the most important findings of the survey. The first part of the report briefly describes the methodology used in the report and the last two parts focus on the survey findings. Data were collected between 14 May and 5 June 2008."