A step towards engaging with the relevant stakeholders to promote the integration of solar aided power generation is provided in this paper. This was done by: (i) reviewing the literature to examine the concept of road mapping, the approaches utilised in road mapping, and the extent to which it has been utilised in the development of energy road map; (ii) developing a conceptual framework, which provided the basis for understanding how the current road mapping practice relates to the governance of systems innovation, and it also formed the basis for supporting the analysis and accounted for the three main questions in technology road mapping; and (iii) practical application of the conceptual framework to the case study – solar aided power generation. This paper reviewed the literature related to road mapping with the aim of understanding the methods and tools that have been utilised in other settings. Informed by the literature, a conceptual framework was developed, which was further utilized for the initial analysis for developing a road map for solar aided power generation in South Africa.