A Report of a Steering Group Meeting for East and Central Africa Held at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala Uganda between 16th and 21st September, 2014.

"Representatives from 16 countries which are members of GPPAC come together to share their experiences on conflict prevention and peace building initiatives and programmes through the Regional Steering Group (RSG). This sharing helps in deepening the understanding of issues at regional level as well as strengthening National mechanisms from a regional perspective. The 2014 RSG meeting presented a unique opportunity entailing four distinct yet related activities: 1. The RSG meeting; 2. Interaction with Uganda CSOs on Conflict Early Warning and Early Response mechanism as well as on the ICGLR mechanism for Regional Peace, Security and Development; 3. Interaction on Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework; and 4. Celebrations of the International Day of Peace. The meeting brought together representatives of GPPAC national Focal Points from 16 countries of East and Central Africa, representatives from GPPAC global secretariat, over 20 Ugandan CSOs, and key government institutions. Also present were representatives of the Great Lakes Project that is partnering with GPPAC on a project aimed at consolidating peace in the Great Lakes region. The opening ceremony was graced also by Ambassadors/High Commissioners in Uganda - invited from the countries represented by GPPAC members."