A Follow-up Report on the Community Work Programme in Bokfontein

In this community, people worked in various projects such as road maintenance, gardening, home-based care, afterschool care, cutting grass, installing pipes for water, and working on the park. All these projects were also found to be effective in facilitating peace, reconciliation and healing amongst community members. It is against this backdrop that we were interested to explore the long-term impact of CWP and its related benefits. One of the major questions that we had in 2010 was that the community of Bokfontein was fairly new and that the positive impact of CWP observed during that period was temporary. The other aim with follow-up interviews was to also assess the long-term potential of the CWP and its sustainability in facilitating social cohesion over a period of time, and changing power dynamics due to changes in local politics. Furthermore, we were also interested to assess the impact of changes in CWP management systems and other changes related to the formalization of the CWP as a programme of national government.