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Zimbabwe's Turmoil: Problems and Prospects

"Brian Kagoro analyses the emergence of effective opposition politics within Zimbabwe against a background of deepening crisis.John Makumbe looks at the prospects for a transition within ZANU-PF itself. He identifies tensions within the party be...

Zimbabwe's Exodus to Australia, 2015

This paper focuses on emigration of Zimbabwe-born migrants to Australia, partly because Australia is largely omitted from the important text, Zimbabwe’s Exodus even though it has become an important destination, and partly because the data is bett...

The Art of creating Money: An Appraisal of Zimbabwe’s Economy

Zimbabwe’s economy continues to struggle. The much-anticipated economic growth and stability in the ‘new dispensation’ remain elusive and ordinary citizens continue to bear the brunt of the economic plunge. This report analyses key economic chall...

Great Zimbabwe: Alternative Prospects to 2040

This report explores Zimbabwe’s prospects to 2040 under three scenarios. The Current Path presents Zimbabwe’s development trajectory given a continuation of current policies and practices, while two alternative scenarios, Great Zimbabwe and Things...

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