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Mediating a Convoluted Conflict: South Africa’s Approach to the Inter-Party Negotiations in Zimbabwe

"This paper analyses South Africa’s facilitation approach to the inter-party negotiation process in Zimbabwe – from Mbeki’s ‘quiet diplomacy’ to current President Jacob Zuma's assertive stance – amid competing domestic and international interests. T…

Zimbabwe’s Very Peculiar Coup

Zimbabwe’s military has detained the country’s 93-year-old President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace Mugabe, and taken control of the streets of the capital and the main television station. The next step – apparently, a legitimate-looking transfer…

Taming the beast in us: 2018

Following a desktop research and in-depth interviews of key informants, this paper provides an overview of Zimbabwe’s political and electoral landscape as the country prepares for the harmonized elections. Focus is placed on discussing and assessin…

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