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The 2005 General Elections in Tanzania: Implications for Peace and Security in Southern Africa

"This paper examines the significance of the recently concluded general elections in Tanzania for the consolidation of democracy in the country, whilst highlighting the political difficulties in Zanzibar. It also examines how the election outcome in…

Zanzibar Conflict Resolution and Human Security in the 2005 Elections

"The report contains tangible views and recommendations on how to have free, fair, legitimate and democratic elections in Zanzibar. All these are important and should be taken as key recommendations by the authorities in both the Zanzibar revolution…

EISA Election Observer Mission Report Zanzibar presidential, house of representatives and local government elections 30 October 2005

"This report outlines the EISA observer mission’s assessment, findings and analysis of the electoral processes during the pre-election, election day and post-election phases. It also summarises the major findings of the mission and makes appropriat…

Dilemmas of Political Transition: Towards Institutionalisation of Multiparty Democracy In Tanzania

"The paper identifies Tanzania’s democracy as an electoral democracy that is consolidating, albeit at a snail’s pace and despite the numerous challenges it continues to face. Since the introduction of multiparty politics Tanzania is, still going th…

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