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Heart of Darkness: Politics in Zaire

The continuing conflict in Zaire and the disintegration of that country’s political and socio-economic fabric, have their roots in the legacies of colonial rule. After independence in 1960, the political struggle for control of the new state erupted…

Zaire: the Continuing Anarchy

This paper discusses the effects of post colonialism in Zaire and the tyrannic rule of President Mobutu.President Mobutu easily outclasses the most grasping of his counterparts. He rules over a state that has all but vanished while amassing a person…

Zaire - the heart of Africa

"Wavering faith in the ability of Third Uorld countries to repay najor debt has focussed attention on turbulent Zaire, thought to be a potential defaulter. This Background Briefing discusses the following: 1. Background Information and Statistics;…

Zaire: The current state of play

This part of the briefing deals with recent domestic developments in Zaire, and covers major foreign policy issues. It also describes Mobutu's rise to power and the problems Zaire experienced under his rule.

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