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Regional Analysis of Youth Demographics: Briefing note Tanzania

This briefing note summarises a review of literature and policies on youth demographics and implications from our scenario modelling of the short, medium and long-term projections of the youth population in Tanzania, and their demand for services. F…

Harnessing Youth Potential for Economic Growth

"A strong, dynamic and empowered youth is critical in catalyzing and driving the transformations envisioned in the Constitution of Kenya, and the Kenya Vision 2030. The youth aged 15-24 constitute an important segment of Kenya’s population, accounti…

The Challenge of the Youth Bulge in Africa and the Middle East: Migration and the Brain Drain

By 2050, the population of Africa is expected to double, the proportion of people in their working age is projected to increase sharply and a “youth bulge”, namely a relatively large increase in the number and proportion of the population of youthfu…

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