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Successful Youth Policy: Lessons From the African Peer Review Mechanism

"Youth policy provides a strategic framework for countries to structure their youth development efforts. Drawing on the work of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM), the policy brief examines the state and prospects of youth policy in Africa. …

Youth Employment Challenges in Zambia A Statistical Profile, Current Policy Frameworks and Existing Interventions

"This paper examines the potential role of research in addressing the youth employment challenge in Zambia, focusing in particular on what evidence is needed to inform responsive policies and interventions. It overviews what is known about how youth…

Activating Africa’s National Youth Policies for Successful PCRD

The risk of a resumption of violence in Africa’s post conflict countries will be significantly greater if states do not set in place inclusive, youth-focused policies and frameworks during the transition from conflict to peace. This policy brief, fo…

Africa's Diverging Approaches to Youth Inclusion and Participation

Discussions about youth have taken various forms in Africa, as this segment of the population grows exponentially, propelling government responses and policy interventions to meet the needs of young people. A coordinated response requires a shared u…

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