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Evaluation of Rwanda's Youth and Employment Policies

"The broad aim of this research project is to generate innovative approaches and coherent policy messages with which youth employment and poverty reduction can be generated from economic growth at a faster pace in Rwanda. The first part of this stud…

Foresight Africa: Top Priorities for the Continent in 2013

"The following briefs comprises the Foresight Africa collection and are meant to create a dialogue on what matters in Africa for 2013. John Page argues that Africa’s youth unemployment challenges encompass more than just a lack of jobs since African…

Entrepreneuriat des Jeunes et Développement de l’Esprit d’Entreprise au Maroc : l’Expérience de Moukawalati / Youth Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship Spirit in Morocco : the Moukawalati Experience

"The Moukawalati programme, which is the subject of our research, aims to combat youth unemployment in Morocco through the promotion of the enterprise spirit and the improvement of the business climate. Hence the formulation of several recommendati…

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