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Constraints on the Demand for Youth Labour in Zambia

"Zambia is one of many developing countries struggling to create adequate employment opportunities for its people, especially in the formal economy. Unemployment is highest among youths (15–24 years old) and particularly affects those without s...

Botswana Social Protection Assessment

"The purpose of this assessment is to inform Botswana’s future social protection and labor strategy and policies and help to achieve the goals of Vision 2016. The assessment concentrates on social assistance programs as major reforms are already t...

'A Lost Generation' - Young People and Conflict in Africa

Four main hypotheses were explored with this research. Firstly, young people experience a wide variety of forms of Discrimination. This includes discrimination at the hands of adults with a duty of care. The second is that the power relationships...

Creating Youth Employment Through Entrepreneurship Financing : The Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fund

This study reports the results of an analysis conducted on the operations of the Uganda Youth Venture Capital Fund. The objectives of the study included: First, profiling the UYVCF beneficiaries as of January 2013, by social economic characteristi...

Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health in Kenya

"In this fact sheet, adolescents comprise 24% of Kenya's population. This large adolescent population has implications on the country's health and development agenda as it is likely to place increasing demands on provision of services."

Investing in Education and Skills Development

"Kenya has one of the most youthful populations in the world with about 43 percent of its population under the age of 15. The youth population is growing fast and the country is experiencing a youth bulge; an excess especially in young population ...

State of the Union South Africa Report 2010

"This report deals with South Africa’s compliance with 12 selected AU instruments. Eight of these 12 instruments are treaties while four are strategies, resolutions or plans of action. While treaties are legally binding on States Parties, resolut...

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