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Synopsis Policy Studies Bulletin of CPS Vol 10 No 3, August 2009

"The four papers contained in this edition of Synopsis provide insightful and compelling perspectives on different aspects of xenophia and migration and therefore bring much needed attention and contribute to ongoing public policy debates on the cha…

To Spy or Not to Spy? Intelligence and Democracy in South Africa

"As the title of the series of papers suggests, there are two primary issues for discussion. On the one hand, the question 'To spy or not to spy?’ has been posed. This question asks us to consider the nature of the role and function of the South Af…

African Journal on Conflict Resolution Vol 19 No.1

In all five articles in this issue, some aspect of governance plays a significant role. The term ‘governance’ appears in the titles of two articles, and words such as ‘govern’, ‘government’ and ‘governance’ occur in all the articles – altogether mor…

Leading through Consensus: South Africa Chairs the AU

South Africa will chair the African Union (AU) in 2020 while also serving as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. This will be an opportunity for South Africa to improve AU-UN relations and drive its priorities for the co…

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