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The Impact of the HIV Pandemic on Maternal and Child Mortality in Malawi

"Over the last decade, HIV/AIDS has exacted a heavy toll, with significant impacts on maternal mortality in Malawi — a small land-locked country in southern Africa. Malawi has experienced a nearly ten-fold increase in HIV incidence among pregnant wo…

Medical Recruits: The Temptation of South African Health Care Professionals

"Health workers are one of the categories of skilled professionals most affected by globalization. Over the past decade, there has emerged a substantial body of research that tracks patterns of international migration of health personnel, assesses c…

Health Challenges Threaten Gains in Universal Primary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa

"In recent years, Sub-Saharan Africa has recorded strong progress in universal primary education for children. The population of school-age children has increased by 20 million and the size of the out-of-school child population has been reduced by…

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