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Increasing Women's Participation and Inclusion in Jubbaland Peace Processes: Life Stories: Women, Conflict and Peace: Learning from Kismayo

In October 2016, the Life & Peace Institute (LPI), Peace Direct and the Somali Women Solidarity Organization (SWSO) began a qualitative study to understand better how women in Kismayo had been affected by the many armed conflicts that had taken plac…

Improving Gender Equality Quota Implementation in Post-Conflict South Sudan

The importance of gender equality continues to dominate governance and constitutional discourses in a range of developing and fragile societies, especially in Africa. To help foster a better understanding on how South Sudan has been grappling with …

A Gender Lens on Informal Settlement Upgrading: Strengthening Women's Participation

In the context of persisting gender inequality, women’s participation in informal settlement upgrading in South Africa needs special attention. Disparities in access to resources are coupled with gender relations that are biased towards male power…

Women in Corporate Boards in Africa: Beyond Tokenism

Women are under-represented on corporate boards and other leadership structures in Africa. This problem is a reflection of the historical disadvantages and gender inequalities women face. The status quo is, however, ironic given the relatively lar…

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