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Reconciling Living Customary Law and Democratic Decentralisation to Ensure Women's Land Rights Security

"The recent Constitutional Court judgment rendering the Communal Land Rights Act (CLARA) unconstitutional must not be allowed to throw decentralisation policy making into disarray. Decentralisation holds much potential for lively, participatory de...

The Communal Land Rights Act and Women: Does the Act Remedy or Entrench Discrimination and the Distortion of the Customary?

"This paper discusses the likely impact of the Communal Land Rights Act (CLRA) of 2004 on the land rights of rural women. It asks whether the Act is likely to enhance or undermine tenure security, not only for women, but for rural people in genera...

Gender Equality in Tanzania: Uproar and Perceived Progress

Gender makes headlines in Tanzania, as when the president attacks birth control and endorses kicking pregnant girls out of school or when fake fingernails and eyelashes are banned from Parliament. Less uproar accompanies government action that a...

Women's Land Rights in Africa: Scorecard 2019

This scorecard measures how committed governments are to women’s land rights in each country. It is comparing how women are confronting their governments about land rights. It learns how women are tackling their land rights issues and shares less...

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