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Assessing the Impact of Conditional Cash Transfers on Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania

This brief snapshot results from a study that examined the impact of cash transfers on household living standards, and on women empowerment in the period 2015– 2017. The study adapts a Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) approach, and pa…

Conflict Trends Issue 3 2013

In ‘The Other Side of Drones: Saving Wildlife in Africa and Managing Global Crime’ the negative consequences of poaching are felt in Africa and around the world, governments and law enforcement may have a way to counter this threat: the use of unarm…

The Right to Land and Justice for Women in Africa - African Women’s Land Rights Conference

The objectives of the meeting was to share knowledge, case studies and testimonies and engage in discussion, drawing on the wide experience and empirical information on the status and new knowledge relating to Women’s Rights to Land within the conti…

Is Reliable Water Access the Solution to Undernutrition? A Review of the Potential of Irrigation to Solve Nutrition and Gender Gaps in Africa South of the Sahara

"Interventions aimed at increasing water availability for livelihood and domestic activities have great potential to improve various determinants of undernutrition, such as the quantity and diversity of foods consumed within the household, income ge…

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