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Work and Income for Young Men and Women in Africa: Case of Uganda

We found that youths accounts for more than a third of the labor contribution to national value added. The contribution of youths is largely driven by the skilled youths. The youths add more value added to service sector, followed by industry and la…

Impact des Politiques Publiques Pro-genres dans les Secteurs Agricoles sur L’emploi des Femmes dans un Contexte de Dépendance Économique aux Ressources Naturelles : Cas de la RDC / Impact of Pro-gender Public Policies in the Agricultural Sectors on Women'

The DRC is characterized by a heavy dependence on the mining sector as well as by glaring gender inequalities in the labor market. Aware of these structural weaknesses, the Congolese government wishes to diversify its economy while reducing gender i…

Trade and Labor Market Outcomes: Does Export Sophistication Affect Women's Wage Employment?

We explore whether improved export sophistication increases women’s participation in wage employment. Using panel data from a large group of developing and emerging economies, and Fixed-effects and Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) estimators, we …

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