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What Enables or Disables Leadership for Transformational Change in Africa?

This paper reviews the findings of a study that hypothesised that leadership had been instrumental to bringing about change in Africa but acknowledged that what constituted leadership, and how leadership had facilitated change, was poorly understood…

Long Walk to Restoration : Lessons from Somalia's Transition Process

"Somalia’s troubled recent history began with the fall of the Siad Barre regime in 1991 and the subsequent outbreak of war among various clan-based actors in the different regions of the country. Since then, all efforts to restore peace, stability a…

A Vote for Change: Somaliland's Two Decades Old Electoral Democracy

Somaliland’s electoral history is rather unique in a troubled part of the world where democratic norms and values are not respected. The combined elections at the end of May 2021 are crucial for the country’s political stability and democratic crede…

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