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Gender and Migration in South Africa: Talking to Women Migrants

African migration is typically viewed through a male lens. However, women are moving more than ever. Whether fleeing war or seeking to meet their economic needs, more women migrate independently throughout Africa. Many of these travel to South Afr…

South African Migration Policy: A Gendered Analysis

The 2017 White Paper on International Migration to South Africa proposes a policy framework to guide a comprehensive review of South Africa’s international migration policy, including asylum and refugee legislation. However, the white paper makes no…

Assessing Gender Inclusion in the Migration Policies of ECOWAS

This policy briefing assesses the gender dimension of the ECOWAS regional framework for migration governance, focusing on regulations and protocols on free movement, specifically the ECOWAS treaty and the ECOWAS gender and migration framework and …

Harnessing Migration for Inclusive Growth and Development in Southern Africa

The primary goal of this study is to present the results of a comprehensive scope of key opportunities and challenges for harnessing migration for inclusive growth and development at the regional level in Southern Africa. The first two sections of t…

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